Sshapeup Welfare Organization
Rekindling Passion Towards Mankind
 We strive to help the public to understand and identify the health hazards in their working and living environment,
as well as helping them to take firm actions to make important changes that would lead to a healthier and quality life. 

SWO’s research focuses on the various aspects of environment, human behaviour, human psychological issues, depression, lifestyle, food, water and modern technology that would determine a person’s health and well-being. 

SWO’s treatments are aimed at helping people with illnesses who have not been responded well to conventional medical treatments and also to the less fortunate ones who cannot afford the hefty costs of medical treatments. 
SWO is committed to share with the public important information and knowledge that i has derived from its research activities. Apart from this, SWO also seeks the assistance of others in the proliferation of this information so that more people would benefit from it.
About SWO
Learning is the beginning of wealth. Learning is the beginning of health. Learning is the beginning of Spirituality. Searching and Learning is where the miracle process all begins. 
our research 
SWO’s research is not confined solely to identification of the hazards posed by these aspects on a person’s health and well-being but extended to encompass relevant and practical solutions that can mitigate, prevent and overcome the health hazards. 
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Receive your confirmation text and member's ID from us.
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Products & Solutions
Arul Value Solution
Arul Value Solution is a Dirty Electricity filter that is designed especially to curb Dirty Electricity issue for your home and office in order to achieve a peaceful living environment for your body and mind.
One Water
It is also known as "ONE" water that helps you to dispel Carbon Dioxide and also poisonous gas from lungs.
is a range of Ready-To-Drink Healthy Juice for you to boost up your body and mind, with the ingredients you can trust at a price you can afford. Drink up, anytime anywhere.
Health & Lifestyle Analysis
Educating People
Providing Lifestyle Solutions
Finding the cause of diseases
some things we can do
our skills

The 3 key focus areas of SWO are Research, Treatments and Awareness. Each area involves key activities that in combination, establish a firm platform for SWO to achieve its objectives in helping to improve the quality of lives for the public at large. SWO is committed to share with the public, important information, and knowledge that it has derived from its research activities.

Health & lifestyle Analysis
Educating People
Providing Lifestyle solution
Finding the cause of diseases
Lifestyle Analysis
Live Blood Analysis
Treatments Given
Leong Woon Mee
40 years old
"Paralyzed after accident"

Winthin 6 months of SWO’s treatment, she was able to walk by herself.

"Heart disease, severe constipation"
78 years old

After suffering from constipation for almost 15 years, now she has regular bowel movement. She is no longer suffering from breathing difficulties.

Hui Yin
"back spine injury"
10 years old

After her visit to our centre, she was able to walk with minor help due to the improvement of brain and limb coordination.

Tang Siok Ling
24 Years Old

With the revitalization therapies and a healthy diet, she has avoided a second operation to remove her 15cm uterine fibroid.

"asthma, body limbs coordination"
20 years old

After over a year with us, he is no longer experience asthma attack. He is now able to respond to the people around him and recognize his environment.

Mohamed Yusoff Hamzah
"diabetes, high blood pressure"
68 years old

Within 3 months with us, he is no longer needed to consume 10 pills a day.

Lee Jia Hwei

Selfless and compassionate people work here for the betterment of others. If you don’t look after yourself, no one will. Don’t know where to start? SWO will help you!

Sze Tiam

The “thinking out of the box” series help you to have proper “operating system” for your mind.

Law Siew Ngoh

An organisation truly has people’s wellness at heart.

News & Event 
Find out what’s happening here in Sshapeup Welfare Organization! Read the latest news, find events, participate in our upcoming events, or watch videos created especially for you to know more about our research. 
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Tuesday – Friday: 10:00 – 18:00 Hrs 
Saturday & Sunday: 10:00 – 13:00 Hrs

we are here

No.59-1, Jalan S2 D36, Regency Avenue, Seremban 2,

Phone: +606 6011841