There are many aspects to research

There are many aspects to research. It just depends on how deep you want to go, or how detailed you want to be.

Here at SWO, we are passionate about finding the answers to lifestyle issues. And we are dedicated to developing solutions that can counter these issues.

It’s mind boggling to discover that as we progress into more advanced technologies and highly developed lifestyle, many tiny details are left behind and not looked after.

As those close to us will know, we are currently researching on ways to counter excess electricity load in residential homes. Some might call it power factor correction, but we go beyond that and delve deeper into the return of electricity back to TNB as well as grounding issues. Going from house to house to correct issues are tedious and require a lot of patience and analytical thinking as not all houses are the same. And most houses have unique issues of their own.

Today we’d like to provide you insight to materials used in your homes either in your electronic gadgets or appliances.

Screws, bolts and nuts look the same to most people. But here we’d like to show you the difference between normal screw (which is made of iron) and stainless steel screw. In order to highlight this, we use a magnet.


An iron screw will stick to the magnet while a stainless steel screw (on the floor) will not stick to the magnet.

Why is this important?

Because electricity creates magnetic field.

This makes a lot of difference in our research.

Because in order to deal with electricity load, we have to be very particular with the conductivity of each material as well as the reaction of each material to electricity flow.

A screw which is made of iron and highly reactive to electricity flow will create more magnetic field in the home. And this would impact breathing patterns and hearth rhythms.

Our gadgets aim to help you balance your homes, to make it more peaceful and a place for you to rejuvenate. And every little thing that disrupts this objective needs to be looked into.

Here’s a video for a clearer view.

For today, we would like to thank everyone for your understanding and patience in supporting us in what we do. We look forward to providing further solutions for better homes.