Water Cymatics

 Water is the most important substance that we need in order to survive

Do you know that a human can go for more than 3 weeks without food? YES! Mahatma Gandhi had survived 21 days of complete starvation. However, water is a complete different story. Water is a completely different story.

According to a study conducted by Randall K. Packer, who is a professor of biology at George Washington University, human can only last 3 to 4 days without water.


ccording to all the research that SWO had conducted along the years, we found out that water is very crucial for the human body. This is because the human body is composed more than 80% of water and that water is in everything around us.  Apart from consuming water, we also use water to clean ourselves, as well as having the ability to generate electricity to the city.

Now, try to think! If water is in us, and everywhere around us, how many does any body of water affect us? And that, how does water characters change our bodies?

Till date, there are a lot of things about water that scientists are still not fully understand yet.

Water distribution has everything to do with political boundaries, economic development and wealth. In Mexico City, eg. 9% of the population uses 75% of the available water, and a crumbling infrastructure means that up to half of the water supply is lost through pipe leaks and evaporation.

Do you know that,

Most of the world’s freshwater, which is about 2.4 million cubic miles ( 10 million cubic kilometers) of it – is contained in underground aquifers. The rest comes from

  •  Rainfall ( after accounting for evaporation ) : 28,500 cubic miles ( 119,000 cubic kilometers)
  • Man-made reservoirs: 1,200 cubic miles ( 5,000 cubic kilometers)
  • Lakes : 21,830 cubic miles ( 91,000 cubic kilometers)
  • Rivers : 509 cubic miles ( 2,120 cubic kilometers)

There are so many studies conducted on the relationship of water to human life and there are also many water experts in the world today due to the importance of the issue which cannot be ignored. 

Go to our resource page to find out more on the various researches conducted all over the world about water and its characters and get to know other water experts around the world and what they have to say about the issue. Drinking, cooking, bathing and cleaning everything you have with chlorinated, fluoridated and treated tap water does give a significant impact to your life and your state of mind.

What is our solution?

SWO has dedicated 3 years of its research to understand how our locally treated water impacts our daily life and what steps can you take to remedy the issue.

Our solution is targeted to improve the quality of water for your house so that you and your family can enjoy rejuvenating and refreshing water for your home and office.

It’s not just about filtering out contamination, pathogens, and chemicals out from your water source, but it’s about making sure that the water that you consume and use respond well to your body’s cells and encourage them to function at its optimum level.

You need air to breathe and water to survive and grow. Without these 2 substances (Oxygen and Water), the planet a\earth cannot be ‘home’ to human beings. The 2 basic things that a human need, now ask yourself a question: ARE THEY IN THEIR PUREST FORM? ARE THEY RESONATING WELL WITH YOUR BODY’S CELLS?

Don’t know the answer? Don’t worry, you can contact our SWO Personal Lifestyle Advisors to find out more on how to improve your water quality.