What is Dirty Electricity and How Does It Affect Us?

The human body is highly sensitive to electrical and magnetic field. Over or long-term exposure could cause a myriad of symptoms that could wreak havoc to the body’s immune system.

Today we are going to talk about electrical pollution which is better known as dirty electricity.

What Makes Electricity Dirty?

First of all, it’s important for us to understand the basic information in regards to the electricity supplied to our homes and offices by Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB).

Electricity is supplied to our homes and offices in the form of alternating current (AC) at the frequency of 50Hz. We receive this supply through our main switchboard. From our main switchboard, the supply is then distributed to plugs and outlets needed to power our lights and appliances.

However, many of us do not know that TNB’s responsibilities in terms of electricity management ends here. TNB is only the supplier of electricity. Any power factor correction, management of electricity load distribution or restructuring of wiring in your homes fall under your responsibility as a consumer. Basically, whatever you do with the electricity supplied to you, needs to be managed by you. This information is actually clearly stated in TNB’s website.

Many of us also do not know that most lights and appliances convert alternating current (AC) into direct current (DC) to power them. And many new appliances today withdraw current in an intermittent way to be more energy efficient. Overloading of the electrical grid base of our house due to overuse of electricity, presence of high-frequency signals in the overloaded wires, and appliances that generate irregular wave forms, pollute this “clean” electrical power, and make it “dirty”.

What Happens Then?

This depends on the neutral wires in your homes. Excess electricity pulled by the lights and appliances of your homes or offices, need to be grounded or “returned” through neutral wires. However, most homes do not have proper grounding or neutrals and this cause these excess power (which generate eletromagnetic frequency) to be emitted into the environment. This is what we call electrical pollution.

Dirty Electricity or Electrical Pollution may lead to genetic damage, pain and illness.

How Does Dirty Electricity Affect Our Body and Our Health?

The Bioinitiative Report released in 2007 by an international group of scientists and health experts, gives an account of the harmful health effects of exposure to electromagnetic fields. It says that, regular exposure to radiation associated with electromagnetic frequency (EMFs) affects immune system functioning, and can cause cancers, heart disease and dementia.

Dirty Electricity health risks have also been associated with inflammation, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancers, infertility and autoimmune disorders.

This video below explains in detail the dangers of dirty electricity and just how serious the problem is to the current society :

We hope this article was able to give you a basic understanding about electrical pollution.

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